A downloadable game for Windows

Help Forest, the alligator man, run!

RUNNER is a game so simple, anyone can play!

Keep running!

RUNNER: the infinite runner that's actually infinite!


  • Dance Your Heart Out! - Woahfox
  • Maybe She's Just Allergic to Me - Woahfox
  • Fuck Vixens, Get Money - Woahfox
  • Innocence is such a beautiful imperfection - Woahfox
  • Crush on you - Woahfox
  • Lo-Fi world - 8-BITchin'tendo

Art by Bailey Cuccaro

Game 27 of 100 in 5 years


RUNNER(fullscreen).exe 11 MB
RUNNER.exe 11 MB


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Running is life ! Thanks for this game ! x)


Finally, an infinite runner I can actually play forever.


Love the zooming, scrolling backgrounds. Found a way to get it to run by itself so just sitiing back and watching the random background combinations while listening to the fun music.