A downloadable Advergame for Windows, macOS, and Linux

They come to your home and you're feed up with this bullying-bunny school stuff so you take the fight back to them HA.; sponsored by C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™: macro cheese flavor in micro cracker bites™. Hundreds of hours of content! Like Doom meets Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure with a lava level and a moon forest like you always wanted. "I think it's pretty good." - Tom P. Traggard, C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ local representative.

Technology Notes:

No children were employed in the making of this game all crayon art was drawn by fully functioning adults and sponsored by C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ You will need human body parts to play this game like hands and eyes and ears. This game is playable on any system if you try hard enough.


Julie Buchanan - Sound Designer, Music Artist, and C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ fanatic.

James Earl Cox III - Designer, Crayon Folk-Artist, and C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ fanatic.

Joe Cox - Music Artist and C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ fanatic.

Zach R.D. - Designer, Developer, and C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ fanatic.

Dennis McGrogan - Designer, Developer, and C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ fanatic.

C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ - Sponsor and #1 Best Cheese Cracker in the World.

Additional Crayon Folk-Art provided by Elliott Mahler.

*This statement has not been authorized by the FDA

Game 65 of 100 in 5 years

Install instructions

Installation Instructions:

  1. Double click the download link.
  2. Open up your download folder.
  3. Double click the downloaded file.
  4. Open up your box of C.H.E.A.Z.E.E.T.Z.™ flavorful Crunch Cheese Crackers™ packed full of mouth watering cheese explosion.
  5. WASD to move, Mouse to move camera, and click to shoot.
  6. Enjoy your healthy* alternative snack fit for a true cyber Amazonian warrior.


Going HAM_Linux.zip 163 MB
Going HAM_Mac.zip 163 MB
Going HAM_Windows.zip 161 MB