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Bot­tle Rock­ets is a music video(game) about a mother and her daugh­ter.

The featured song is Alberto Bal­salm by Aphex Twin.

"the game had forever changed the song for me. There are emotions and memories attached to it that weren't before. It means much more to me now." 
-Kill Screen

"It's depressing, endearing, tear-jerking, hopeful and devastating all at once."
- IndieStatik

"Bottle Rockets is a small, melancholy masterpiece."
- Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"This platformer runs for five minutes ... and in that time it had me sobbing."
- WarpDoor

"Bottle Rockets made me feel a whole bunch of feels, and I'm happy to say so."
- Jay Is Games

"oh hell, just play it already."
-PC Gamer

Official Select at Dif­fer­ent Games Con­fer­ence 2015 Official Select at DIGRA 2015

Featured on warpdoor Featured in Warp Door's Pocket Dimension - Endless Dreams Featured on GameJolt (and screenshot) Featured in PC Gamer's Best Free Games of the Year In Review

Game 46 of 100 in 5 years

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
AuthorJames Earl Cox III
Made withGameMaker
TagsDark, daughter, GameMaker, mother, Music, relationship, rocket, Space, Space Sim, space-station


Bottle Rockets.exe 4 MB
Bottle Rockets (full screen).exe 4 MB